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Hi! We're Christopher & Darcy Barrow: parents, landlords, landlord coaches, and co-founders of Foundation Homes Property Management.
We're on a mission to make building wealth through owning rental properties here in Marin as PAINLESS and PROFITABLE as possible for our clients. 

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An owner with a 3bd home in Ross came to us with a problem: she had just purchased this property in Ross as an investment - with the potential that her children might move in in the future - and she wanted to rent her property right away

 However, the property needed a fair amount of work (like new floors, new painting, new appliances)...and though she and her family live locally in Kentfield, she’d never been a landlord before and didn’t want the hassle of dealing with the renovation. 

 This landlord signed on for our property management services, our team promptly stepped in, oversaw the re-fresh and simultaneous marketing of the property. The first tenant we found moved in (paying a year upfront) and stayed for 4 years. 

 The next time the home came available, only minor work needed to be done, and our team was able to successfully re-fresh, market and rent the home off-market through our exclusive “Coming Soon” program, saving the owner precious days on market (therefore maxing her ROI!). 

 The home was successfully rented off market - at our higher asking price - within days. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to work with this landlord!

A landlord in Mill Valley contacted our team, and doing her diligence, interviewed multiple brokers and property management companies. She decided to work with a different property management company at first.  

However, a few months later, we heard from this landlord again. While she had been happy enough with the leasing of the property, the property management services fell way short of her expectations...and as we were all about to discover, they had left her open to massive risk as a landlord. 

 There had been a mold issue at the property while under the management of the other company, and when our team got involved, we were shocked to discover that no air clearance test had been performed to protect the owner’s liability...possibly resulting in mold spores spreading throughout the house. 

 The existing tenants had a new baby...the landlord was horrified to learn of the level of risk she (and her tenants) were exposed to by the failure to act from the outgoing property management team. 

 Luckily, our manager was able to step in, course correct, and the story had a happy ending. This landlord has expressed gratitude for our team stepping in to help protect her...and her tenants’ young family.

Thinking You Might Want a Little More Help With Your Rental?!

We've helped thousands of landlords just like you experience the joy of a profitable and problem free rental here in Marin ...

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If you're a results-driven landlord looking for a performance-built property management team to find you a well-qualified tenant to help protect your home from damage and unnecessary risk, you've found it.

Our BREAKTHROUGH property management services are unlike any other property management agencies in Marin (or the rest of the USA for that matter - the other PM company owners all think we're crazy!)

Unlike other companies, we don't load our property managers up with a zillion doors to manage...

...resulting in poor service for the landlord AND tenant, driving down your profit as a landlord, and leaving you ready to run for the hills and sell your (otherwise profitable!) investment....

...and we DON'T put you through the "property management machine" with a one-size-fits-all-discount brokerage mindset...

...where every issue goes on autopilot, resulting in higher expenses for the landlord and worse service for the tenant...which drives tenants out and drives rents down, resulting in LESS profit for YOU, the landlord:

Wham, bam, thank you ma'am (NO THANK YOU!)

We operate with the totally CRAZY idea that your property manager should KNOW you AND your property, serve you and your tenants AND watch your bottom line, day after day.

Crazy, right?

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“We had had a bad experience trying to manage the property remotely by ourselves. We did an internet search, and found [Foundation Homes] easily….we were a little nervous about getting in touch with your company. However, we had so many great experiences with your company, that it changed our opinion about property managers in general. We [loved that we] could live in a different state and travel abroad without worrying about rental disasters! Our property manager and realtor Michael Kass took excellent care of us; thanks!”

--Mark Hoemmen
Landlord in San Rafael
“I managed the property myself for a few years, it was horrible, I had to evict my first tenants and had rent payment problems with the next, who left the house a wreck. That is when I searched for a management firm, after talking to Michael Kass, I was sold on using Foundation, and it has been one of my all time best business decisions."

--Kathy Kane
Landlord in Fairfax
“My only regret is not choosing Foundation in the first place!…I was extremely dissatisfied with [my other] management service and very happy with Foundation. The big difference is [Foundation Homes] a) will talk by phone…faster response time for problems b) will visit properties so able to address big problems on the ground. C) nice to deal with. You guys are explanatory without condescension. Thank you Foundation, you guys rock!”

Property Management Client
Landlord in Mill Valley
“I really didn’t know what it would be like [to be a landlord]. I had never really wanted to be a landlord but it was necessary because I didn’t want to sell my property on short notice and I needed the rental income. I knew that I would not be available to respond to emergency calls and that I did not know enough about contracts to assume the liability of handling tenant agreements. It has been worth the money to have a property manager, though it took a while for me to trust the manager’s decisions. 5 stars.”

Landlord in Marin
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